Carnival / Travelling Shows & Events

Every year, people in Ontario attend public events like festivals and travelling shows. ESA works with show operators to avoid electrical safety hazards that might spoil the fun at these events. We work with operators and communities so inspections take place before opening day to avoid disruption and delay. We know the show must go on!

Planning an event? Know the requirements.

Show operators and organizers must have rides and equipment inspected at every event. You must be sure they meet the safety standards defined in the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. We recommend arranging your notification 6-8 weeks before your event. 

  • Electrical notifications are not optional. Every show must be inspected to be sure it complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
  • Only certified products are allowed. All rides and equipment must bear the mark of a recognized certification or approval agency. View a list of marks here.
  • Notification Number. Make sure you have the notification number associated with the electrical permit. This is your record that an ESA inspection has been scheduled to ensure your event meets provincial safety requirements. Any electrical defects must be corrected and reviewed by ESA.

Make sure your event meets these requirements to keep the public and operators safe and able to enjoy the fun.

Plan with safety in mind

  • Look up and look out!It is highly recommended not to place large tents and amusement devices under or near powerlines. Depending on the voltage, a distance of 3m to 6m clearance is required from the setup equipment to the powerlines.
  • Start early. Submit your notification application 6-8 weeks before the date you would like the inspection to take place.
  • File a notification of work .Download ESA’s Entertainment/Special Events notification form