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Electrical Plan Review

All submissions must be made using the Electronic Plan Review (EPR) Portal.

You must have an ESA customer account to use the EPR Portal. For assistance and/or to register for the portal, please contact the ESA Plan Review department at 1-800-746-6480 and dial “0”. 

If you currently use the LEC Portal and a Plan Review customer, you need to register for the EPR Portal as well. 


When a Plan Review Submission is Required

Plan review for a proposed electrical installation is a review and audit for compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The plan review does not approve or certify electrical plans. It is not a substitute for the work of a Professional Engineer.

Electrical work may not start until plans have been reviewed when the installation involves any one of the following:

  • a three-phase consumer service or standby generation, equal to or over 400 amp circuit capacity
  • a single-phase consumer service or standby generation equal to or over 600 amp
  • a feeder greater than 1000 amp
  • an emergency power supply for life safety systems (see Section 46), excluding unit equipment
  • consumer-owned electric power generating equipment or energy storage systems, with a rating in excess of 10 kW (Micro Size) as defined by the Ontario Energy Board, and operating in parallel with a supply authority system
  • any installation operating in excess of 750 volts, except:
    • installations of pole lines exclusively within the scope of Section 75
    • that portion of an underground installation between a supply authority-owned transformer and the related supply authority-owned switch
    • equipment replacement as described in Rule 2-010 2) c) and Bulletin 2-11-*


Submitting for a Plan Review

The following are the general requirements for submitting your electrical design using the EPR Portal. Submissions that do not follow these requirements may be rejected:

  1. Submitter must be a valid ESA customer account holder and registered to use the EPR Portal. (Please contact the ESA Plan Review department at 1-800-746-6480 for assistance).
  2. The electrical design must be submitted via the EPR Portal.
  3. The electrical design for multiple sites with different civic addresses cannot be grouped under a single submission.
  4. All PDF files must be in unlocked format. A complete list of supported file types can be found in the FAQs linked below.
  5. The submission must include a completed copy of the Plan Review submittal form, which can be downloaded from the EPR Portal homepage. The two-page form is to be completed as follows:
    • Page 1 contains information specific to the project and must be completed in its entirety.
    • Page 2 is a checklist to ensure the proper drawings and documents are included. The first item is a single line diagram -- there must be a single line diagram included in every submission. The remainder of page 2 is used to indicate the project type. For example, if the project is a new health care facility with its own stand-by generation, you would complete and include the information from the following sections: New Construction, Stand by Generators and Life Safety Loads and Health Care Facilities.
  6. If the project involves a high voltage station ground electrode design that is not exempted from ESA review per Bulletin 36-10-*, a Grounding Study must be submitted. This document must be stamped and signed by a Professional Engineer. In addition, the Grounding Study Submittal Form must be completed and included. The Grounding Study Submittal Form can be downloaded from the EPR Portal homepage.


Sample drawings

The following links provide example of acceptable drawings for Plan Review submissions.


Contact Plan Review

Phone: 519-624-3564
Toll Free: 1-800-746-6480