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What we offer mines

  • Continuous Safety Services
    The ESA Mining Services Group provides services for the safety of your mine site. We also evaluate equipment and offer safety training for the long-term electrical safety of your worksite.
  • Facility Review
    Having the ESA Mining Services Group review your facility has many benefits. Our reviews identify dangerous conditions and help reduce electrical system risk. Facility reviews also meet health and safety standards for safe workplaces. You may also see lower insurance risk ratings.
  • Periodic Inspections
    Periodic inspections help maintain the integrity of your electrical systems. This helps minimize system failures and fines under mining regulations, and saves you time and money.
  • Code Advice and Consultatio
    These services make sure you’re doing everything reasonable to protect your workers. Daily access to a mining technical advisor helps you stay current on changes that affect your installations. You gain a better understanding of the reasons for safety codes and standards. This helps reduce your liability and ensures your systems do not pose a hazard to your workers. It also allows you to install an electrical system that meets the most current standards.
  • Field Evaluations
    The ESA Mining Services Group does field evaluations on-site. We identify hazardous electrical equipment and improve your system reliability. This meets mining regulations for equipment and reduces the chance of injuries, fatalities, downtime and lost revenue.
  • Seminars and workshops
    Seminars and workshops help your technical workers be more aware of electrical hazards and improve their skills. This improves your system integrity by reducing installed defects.
  • Engineered Plan Review
    These reviews identify deviations from standards. This reduces the possibility of costly change orders from contractors. Building a better electrical system keeps cost overruns down, and reduces downtime and lost revenue.
  • Inspections of New Work
    Inspecting new work ensures you follow electrical safety codes and guidelines. You’ll maintain your electrical system’s quality and integrity. This will help you get a better run time and save time and money.

Mining Safety Training


Contact the ESA Mining Services Group for rates specific to your situation and needs.

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ESA Mining Services Group
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Telephone: (705) 523-1985
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