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Standards of Conduct and Guidelines for Licence Holders

What’s Expected of Licence Holders:

When you receive your licence from ESA, you are granted the right to conduct electrical contracting business in Ontario. However, this right comes with certain responsibilities. We have several documents that may help you understand and meet these.

Standards of Conduct

Section 113.2 of the Electricity Act (the Act) requires all Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs) and Master Electricians (MEs) (collectively, license-holders) to conduct business activity with honesty, integrity, consumer protection, safely and in accordance with law. Licence Holder Standards of Conduct explains your obligations under the Act and the Ontario Regulation 570/05 (Regulation). The document outlines nine broad categories of activities, which may result in licensing compliance action: such as suspension, revocation or terms and conditions imposed on the licence. The document provides useful examples of what each of those categories mean.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Guideline to the Duties and Responsibilities of Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs) and Designated Master Electricians (DMEs) is designed to help you to understand your duties and responsibilities as defined by the Act and the Regulation. (Note: There are no new requirements. The guideline simply explains existing laws.)

The need for the Guideline was identified by ESA stakeholders as a plain language resource that explains the responsibilities the license-holders as defined in the Act and the Regulation. ESA worked closely with the ECRA Advisory Council in developing the Guideline.

Its purpose is to help you understand and meet your duties:

  • Unless exempted, every person who conducts electrical installation must be licensed as a Licensed Electrical Contractor, unless exempt by legislation;
  • All Licensed Electrical Contractors conducting electrical installations must comply with the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code;
  • As a Licensed Electrical Contractor, in conducting your business activities, you must comply with applicable laws; and
  • If you’re overseeing electrical work done for a Licensed Electrical Contractor, you must be licensed as a Master Electrician. You must also be designated by that Electrical Contractor.

The Guideline is an evolving document and ESA and the ECRA Advisory Council continues to monitor and review to ensure the Guideline provides clarity and assists the license-holders with fulfilling their duties and complying with their obligations.