Ensuring accountability and transparency is one of ESA’s priorities in maintaining public trust. ESA works for the good of the people of Ontario. We want the public to have confidence in our actions, so are open about what we do and the standards and processes that guide our decisions. 

Regulatory Governance Principles

Adhering to good practices in Regulatory Governance is a precondition to establishing and maintaining credibility and the moral authority to inspire and instill excellent electrical safety practices within ESA’s regulated community and stakeholders. ESA’s Board of Directors is committed to continuous improvement in meeting best practices in Regulatory Governance as described in ESA’s Regulatory Governance Principles.

Code of Conduct 

ESA’s Code of Conduct is a guide to living our values. It’s driven by our Mandate, Mission and Vision and forms the framework for our day-to-day activities. It also supports and complements ESA's procedures, and the laws that apply to our operations. The Code of Conduct gives ESA's Board of Directors and stakeholders firm standards against which we measure our actions.  

Public Safety Risk & Compliance Policy

As ESA continues on its evolving journey towards being a modern regulator, we will use a risk-based approach to establish public electrical safety risk management initiatives and compliance priorities.  This will support the achievement of the best outcomes for public electrical safety, while making the most beneficial use of available resources. The general principles that guide our decision-making and actions in this regard are set out in our Public Safety Risk and Compliance Policy.

View the Public Safety Risk and Compliance Policy

Employee Policies and Procedures

ESA follows a Procurement Policy so we receive the best value for the goods and services our operation needs. The policy allows us to buy these goods and services through open, fair, clear, accessible, and consistent practices.  

This policy and the associated procedures and guidelines below are mandatory. These policies and procedures apply to all ESA employees and anyone with the authority to act on behalf of ESA. 

ESA Vaccination Requirements

For many of the sites ESA inspects, our inspectors have a statutory right of entry and are not subject to vaccine-related access restrictions. However, ESA also recognizes the importance of protecting our staff and our communities. Thus, we have instituted a mandatory vaccine protocol as outlined in the document below.