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Homeowner Electrical Safety Handbook


Your home is one of the most important – and often largest – investments in your life. Keeping yourself, your home and your family safe is probably your number one concern. When it comes to the electrical safety of your home, ESA is here to help!

homeowner handbook for inside the home

Unsafe electrical products and decorations, home renovations, and even stormy weather can present electrical hazards inside your home. Get electrical safety advice and easy-to-follow tips to ensure you and your loved ones are safe from electrical injury inside your home. 

homeowner handbook for outside the home

Whether your outdoor plans include work or play, always keep safety top of mind. Electrical cords, stormy weather, and powerlines can all present serious electrical dangers outside your home. ESA’s safety tips can help you avoid these hazards when spending time outdoors.

Remember: what’s behind your walls is as important as what you put on them!

One of the most important parts of home electrical safety is proper electrical work, and most electrical work requires an ESA notification.

If you hire someone to do electrical work, by law, it must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Look for the 7-digit ECRA/ESA licence number — it shows who can legally do electrical work in Ontario.

If you decide to do any electrical work yourself, follow the law and do it right. Otherwise your renovation dream could turn into a nightmare.