small kitchen

Maximizing your small spaces

While small spaces can present unique design challenges, these tips will help you get the most out of whatever space you are working with.

home office

Basement Basics

Get more from your basement, whether it’s a home theatre, playroom or storage space, with some help from a Licensed Electrical Contractor.


Maximizing Your Master

Design expert Kimberley Seldon shares her tips to create a warm and inviting master bedroom and the electrical considerations to take into account.

kitchen island

Paradise Island

Whether you’re entertaining, helping with homework, or cooking, a kitchen island needs planning with the right professionals. What do you need to consider?


Hide Without the Seek

Declutter and organize busy bathrooms by hiding small appliances, their cords and the required electrical outlets within sleek cabinetry. But with this added convenience comes important electrical safety requirements to consider.


Backsplash Some Life Into Your Kitchen

Kitchens are trending towards minimal design, which makes it all the more important to inject some uniqueness where you can. A bold backsplash is one way to add some personality into your new kitchen.

backyard pool

Make Your Outdoors Even Greater

Make the most of the summer with outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and functional. That can mean adding garden lighting, a gourmet kitchen, and areas for lounging. And the advice of a Licensed Electrical Contractor can help bring it all to life.

outdoor lighting

Light Up Your Life

Show off your garden any time day or night by incorporating the right lighting plan—from pathway lighting to down-lighting to flood lights. Work with a landscape designer and a Licensed Electrical Contractor for a space that is beautiful and powered to perform.

backyard pool

Dive Right In

Turn your backyard into an oasis with ponds, pools, hot tubs and spas. But since we all know that water and electricity don’t mix, be sure to get input from your Licensed Electrical Contractor before you start.

woman shearing tree branch

Spring Clean Safely

Spring has sprung and there’s no better time to get your yard ready to enjoy. Before you start spring cleaning outdoors, be aware of the electrical hazards to keep you and your family safe.

home entertainment room

Add Special Effects to Your Setup

Tech expert Marc Saltzman shows you the latest gadgets—4K TVs, smart lighting, and wi-fi thermostats—that will make your home viewing experience Hollywood-worthy!


Behind The Walls

What’s behind the walls is just as important as what you put on them. Helpful tips to achieve a reno that is on-trend and powered to perform.

interior of home

Make Your New Space Shine With 4 Types of Lighting

Nothing makes your new renovations pop like the perfect lighting. So why do so many people treat it like an afterthought? Learn how four types of lighting can bring the best out of your renovation’s most unique features.

child's building blocks

Keep Kids Safe from Electrical Shock

There’s no such thing as a safe shock. You hear about it, but never think it’ll happen to your child. Sasha Exeter shares her family’s story and what she learned from the experience.

wall power outlet

Are You Using the Right Outlet?

Different types of outlets are designed for different electrical needs and spaces in your home. Keep your family safe by using the right ones in the right places.