Distributor Bulletins

The Electrical Safety Authority periodically releases Bulletins and Flash Notices to quickly communicate new information to Electrical Distribution Companies and other electrical distribution industry participants. Bulletins and Flash Notices address Regulatory requirements and other general industry issues. They are updated to be compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and as necessary to ensure references are up-to-date.

Updated Bulletins and Flash Notices use a version identification system to reflect changes.   

  • If marked –v1: AODA compliant and not materially different from the documentation they’ve replace. 
  • If marked –v2AODA compliant and do contain materially significant changes from the documentation they’ve replace.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please review the latest associated Guideline or contact Utility Regulations.

  Bulletin Number Bulletin Title/Description Download
24-01-1 DFN-01-24-v1 Application of OESC within Distributor-Owned Stations Download FN-01-24
24-01 DB-01c-24-v1 Submission dates for Annual Audit and Declaration of Compliance for Group Three Download 01c-24
24-01 DB-01b-24-v1 Submission dates for Annual Audit and Declaration of Compliance for Group Two Download 01b-24
24-01 DB-01a-24-v1 Submission dates for Annual Audit and Declaration of Compliance for Group One Download 01a-24
23-01 DB-01-23-v1 Customer-Owned Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) Download 02-23
23-03-1 DFN-03-23-v1 IHSA’s Recent Technical Advisories Download FN-03-23
23-02-1 DFN-02-23-v1 Above-Ground Duct Barriers for Supply Service Conductors Download FN-02-23
23-01-1 DFN-01-23-v1 IHSA’s Guideline for Working Near Overhead Electrical Powerlines and Equipment Download FN-01-23
22-08 DB-08-22-v1 Metering and Measurement Canada Specifications Download 08-22
22-07 DB-07-22-v1 Serious Electrical Incidents – Online Reporting Form Download 07-22
22-06 DB-06-22-v2 In-Span Structures and Overhead Unsupported Conductors Download 06-22
22-05 DB-05-22-v1 Grounding and Bonding of Meterbases Download 05-22
22-04 DB-04-22-v1 Raising of Buildings Download 04-22
22-03 DB-03-22-v1 The DDI Process – Clarifications and Changes Download 03-22
22-02 DB-02-22-v1 Engineering Practices and Regulation 22/04 - Sections 4 & 5 Download 02-22
22-01 DB-01-22-v4 Approved Auditors Download 01-22
21-04 DB-04-21-v1 Grounding of Concrete Poles Download 04-21
21-03 DB-03-21-v1 Customer Owned High Voltage Letter Download 03-21
21-02 DB-02-21-v1 Vault Access Download 02-21
21-01 DB-01-21-v1 Equipment Approval — Industry Standards Recognized by ESA Download 01-21
20-04 DB-04-20-v1 Inverter Approval Accepted by OESC Download 04-20
20-01 DB-01-20-v1 Previous Editions of the Overhead and Underground Standards Download 01-20
19-04 DB-04-19-v1 Pad‐mount Equipment Protection & Construction Projects Download 04-19
19-03-2 DFN-03-19-v1 3-Phase, 3-Wire, Solidly-Grounded Wye Customer Services Download DFN-03-19
19-03-1 DB-03-19-v2 Electrical Equipment Near Combustible Gas Equipment Download 03-19
19-02 DB-02-19-v2 Certificate of Approval Requirements Download 02-19
19-01 DB-01-19-v1 Unused vs Used Distribution Equipment Download 01-19
18-05 DB-05-18-v2 Energized Temporary Distribution Work Download 05-18
18-04 DB-04-18-v2 Electrical Work and Service Connections Download 04-18
18-02 DB-02-18-v1 Distribution Stations Standard - CAN/CSA-22.3 No. 61936-1 Download 02-18
17-07 DB-07-17-v1 LDC/ESA Communications for Code Side Safety Concerns Download 07-17
17-04 DB-04-17-v1 Meter Base Mounted Transfer Devices Download 04-17
16-08 DB-08-16-v1 OESC - ESA Program for Acceptance of Retrofitted Luminaires Download 08-16
16-06 DB-06-16-v2 Installations Inside of Buildings Download 06-16
16-05 DB-05-16-v3 Connection Authorizations Download 05-16
16-04 DB-04-16-v2 EV Charging Stations - Reg. 22/04, 570/05 and OESC Requirements Download 04-16
16-03 DB-03-16-v2 Life Saving Equipment Damage From Temporary Overvoltage Download 03-16
16-02 DB-02-16-v1 Certificate of Deviation – Certified Lists Download 02-16
15-07 DB-07-15-v3 “Materially Insignificant” Alterations Download 07-15
15-04 DB-04-15-v1 Guy Composite Insulators for use with Phase Conductors Download 04-15
15-02 DB-02-15-v2 Marking of Guys Download 02-15
15-01 DB-01-15-v2 In-Field Equipment Refurbishment Download 01-15
14-05 DB-05-14-v1 Major Equipment Refurbishment Download 05-14
14-04 DB-04-14-v1 Installation Methods – Sags and Tension Overhead Conductor Download 04-14
14-03 DB-03-14-v1 Installation Methods – Guy Anchors Download 03-14
14-02 DB-02-14-v1 Process for Safety Concerns on Joint Use Poles Download 02-14
14-01 DB-01-14-v1 Barrier Support Structures and Grounding Requirements Download 01-14
13-02 DB-02-13-v1 Metering Standards for Commercial/Industrial Installations Download 02-13
13-01 DB-01-13-v1 LDC Attachments on 3rd Party Poles Download 01-13
12-15 DB-15-12-v2 Insulator Class Recommendation Download 15-12
12-13 DB-13-12-v1 Distribution System Control Component Setting and O. Reg. 22/04 Requirements Download 12-12
12-12 DB-12-12-v1 Introduction of Utility General Inspections (UGI) Download 12-12
12-11 DB-11-12-v3 Certificate of Deviation Approval Download 11-12
12-08 DB-08-12-v1 Pole – Soil Tamping Download 08-12
12-05 DB-05-12-v1 Distributor Wood Pole(s) Approval Download 05-12
11-09 DB-09-11-v2 Guy Insulator Placement Download 09-11
11-07 DB-07-11-v1 Embedded Generation Safety Download 07-11
11-05 DB-05-11-v1 In-Line Solid Blade Switch Safety Download 05-11
11-01 DB-01-11-v1 Section 7 – 3.3.2—Additional Guideline Information Download 01-11
10-10 DB-10-10-v2 Third Party Attachments Service Drop Definition & Exemption Download 10-10
10-08 DB-08-10-v2 Standard Operating Procedure Review Download 08-10
10-06 DB-06-10-v2 Revenue Meter Location Download 06-10
10-05 DB-05-10-v1 Distribution Substation & Like-for-Like Download 05-10
09-12 DB-12-09-v2 Vegetation Management Obligations Download 12-09
09-08 DB-08-09-v2 Working in Meter Bases Download 08-09
08-13 DB-13-08-v2 Submarine Cable Hazards Download 13-08
07-12 DB-12-07-v3 Mobile Generators - OESC and O.Reg. 22/04 Requirements Download 12-07
07-10 DB-10-07-v2 Copper Theft Download 10-07
07-09 DB-09-07-v1 44-kV Substation Grounding Tests Report Summary Download 09-07
07-08 DB-08-07-v2 Thimble Clevis Download 08-07
07-07 DB-07-07-v1 44-kV Substation Grounding Tests Download 07-07
07-06 DB-06-07-v2 Meter Base Failures Download 06-07
07-01 DB-01-07-v2 Notifying ESA of Disconnections Related to Illegal and Unsafe Operations Download 01-07
06-16 DB-16-06-v2 Protection of Supply Cables on Riser Poles Download 16-06
06-15 DB-15-06-v2 Grounding Close to a Pole Download 15-06
06-14 DB-14-06-v2 Dead-Leg Adapters and Copper Bar Links Download 14-06
06-13 DB-13-06-v2 In-Line Disconnect Switches Download 13-06